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What is a Baby Burrito?

Handmade by myself using high quality fabrics and materials, the Baby Burrito is a snuggly, fleece-lined cotton car seat blanket. It has 2 vertical slits in the back to allow for the straps of either a 3 or 5 point harness to be fed through, and a smaller horizontal slit for the strap between the legs.

The bottom and two side edges of the car seat blanket are shaped so that the baby can be fully wrapped or swaddled (like a burrito!).

The car seat blanket also features a fleece hood to keep little heads warm.

Why is a Baby Burrito safer? 

Few parents know that thick coats or snowsuits can actually be dangerous in child seats!

The extra padding between the coat and your baby prevents the seat belts forming a close enough fit to hold your baby safely in the seat. Babies have been known to exit through the top of the seat belt in a collision.

The slits in the back of the Baby Burrito allow for car seat straps to be fastened close to your baby’s body, ensuring maximum safety and protection in the event of an accident.

Coats, snowsuits and other blankets which seat belts fasten over the top of also carry the risk of your baby overheating as these items cannot be easily removed without unfastening the seat belt.

Babies can easily become too hot in a heated car during the winter months, but having to repeatedly dress and undress your baby between car trips can be extremely tiresome for busy parents on the go! The Baby Burrito can remain in the car seat at all times, and you can wrap or unwrap your baby as often as need be without undoing the seat belt.


Can’t I just use a blanket?

irisOf course you can! However, unlike a regular blanket, the Baby Burrito Car Seat Blanket provides comfort and warmth for your baby’s back, head and neck. The Baby Burrito is also significantly less likely to be lost, kicked off or found lying in a wet puddle!

(If your Baby Burrito does suffer such a catastrophe, it is also fully machine washable and safe to tumble dry!)

Baby Burrito – Cozy, Easy to adjust – and SAFE!

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