Baby Burrito Car Seat Blankets

The Safer Way to Travel

(Quotes from our Facebook page…)

“I was given a Baby Burrito as a gift when I had my first daughter and I LOVED it!”

“I was bought a baby burrito as a gift which I use in the car seat and then I bought another one for inside the pramette part of my buggy. Lois loves both and they are just beautiful! Thank you Baby Burrito UK”

Handmade with love, in the UK.

Hi, my name is Becky and in the next few minutes  I’d like to show you why my Baby Burrito Car Seat Blankets are so much more than an ordinary baby blanket.


Imagine your baby being wrapped in a snuggly, huggly, gorgeous blanket that’s as warm as toast and yet – and this is important – you can quickly unravel all or part of it one handed to quickly regulate your baby’s temperature. This is particularly important when you’re driving. With one hand you can quickly wrap up or wrap down to give your baby the very best in comfort.


Unlike a blanket, Baby Burrito Car Seat Blankets have slots for the car seat belts, so that your baby is fully and safely supported.


Wrap blankets for car seats and pushchairs, liners for shopping trolley seats, padding for restaurant high chairs- the Baby Burrito® is a versatile and vital accessory!

Use your Baby Burrito UPSIDE DOWN to provide a soft, comfortable and hygienic liner for shopping trolley seats!
The hood provides a cute storage pocket for toys whilst doing your weekly shop!
Keep your baby cosy, comfy and clean at the supermarket
Keep your baby cosy, comfy and clean at the supermarket

  • Only the highest quality materials
  • All round comfort and warmth
  • Allows car seat straps to be fitted snugly and safely to your baby
  • Reduces risk of overheating due to easy removal without unfastening car seat straps
  • Cool cotton linings available as well as traditional fleece lining




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    1. Hi Kathy
      To buy a Baby or Toddler Burrito just visit our shop using the menu at the top of the screen.
      I will have some new designs on sale next week if you don’t see anything you like at the moment.
      Otherwise, if you would like a custom design let me know what you had in mind and we can discuss our options!
      Becky @ Baby Burrito UK


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